SWUPL Students Spoke at Iowa State Capitol

At the scene of the speech (Source: School of International Law)

Group photo (Source: School of International Law)

On April 22nd local time, Wang Yixin, Wang Xiao, Zhang Lei, and Li Xuewei, four SWUPL students form School of International Law, addressed the members of International Joint Commission of the Senate and the House of Representatives in the forum of the Iowa State Capitol on the theme "Comparison between Chinese and American Legal Systems". It is the first time that Chinese law students have entered the Iowa State Capitol for a speech. It meant a lot to the legal culture exchanges between China and the United States, to SWUPL and Drake University who provided this exchange opportunity as well as the student speakers.

The speech went on smoothly throughout the process. Wang Yixin, Wang Xiao, Zhang Lei and Li Xuewei respectively addressed the topic titled "Comparison of Roles of Judges and Jurors in the Criminal Justice System between China and the United States", "Comparison of Criminal Justice System between China and the United States Based on the Fast-track?Trial Procedure——Criminal Quick Procedure and the Plea Bargaining", "Comparison of Criminal Procedure between China and the United States from the Case of Zhang Yingying" and "Comparison of Environmental Public Interest Litigation System between China and the United States". The topics, strictly selected by Dr. Russell Lovell of Drake University, Dr. Shi Xiaoyu, a postdoctoral researcher and also the leading teacher of SWUPL, and Project Assistant Kayla Sproul, a JD graduate from Law School of Duke University, were novel and pragmatic, taking into account both the professional specialty of the students and the comprehensiveness of the overall speech.

The committee spoke highly of their presentation. "Your answers are very objective. It can be seen that you are fully prepared and have already overcome the language barrier and got a deep understanding of the relevant legal system in the United States. Also, it is not easy to express professional knowledge in non-native language smoothly. You have done a great job! Thank you for giving us this wonderful speech.” Meanwhile, accompanying teachers of SWUPL as well as project assistants and professors of Drake University are very proud. Professor Russell Lovell from Drake University in the United States, who was absent on illness, sent a congratulation letter beginning with praising words "Brava!" and "Bravissima!" to praise and encourage them.